Assess Human Performance Needs

Today’s dynamically changing business environment requires employees to perform at a higher level to be able to meet the organizational goals.

Your mandate, as an organization, is to not only keep up but stay ahead of current market demands.

When we shine a light on human performance in your organization, we strive to understand the current system and what it must be like to reach the overall desired performance. Our front-end assessment is a critical first step in the process of providing a customized approach to your human performance needs. We focus on tangible and measurable outcomes which are the end results of the work processes and tasks. Outcomes are linked to your business results that enable you to achieve your organizational goals.

At Nurdanpinar Solutions for Human Performance, we take a systematic approach to examine the performance of your organization, process and employees. As the components of an efficiently working machine, these levels are interrelated, and they need to operate together well for an efficient system.

While training can be a component to increase human performance, it is rarely the “only” solution. We have been “trained” to believe that that training is an overall solution versus a piece of a bigger puzzle. Regardless of the reason, when a training-only solution is being used as THE solution to a performance challenge, it can be a wasted investment. Often the issue can be lack of resources, poor working conditions, processes, tools & machinery, or lack of management support, or other reasons that you are not even aware of the impact.

By collaborating with you, we identify the cause of human performance gaps. We utilize our specialized knowledge in assessing performance needs and your expertise in operations and processes by using a practical methodology. Together we will build a solution to shine a light on the human performance within your organization.

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