A 12-Week Virtual Program for Leaders to Navigate the Way Forward

Reboot verb: to refresh (something) by making a new start or creating a new version.

Today’s rare global crisis could have catastrophic consequences for your organization and for your leadership role as you’re forced to plunge into unchartered waters. But it also brings a unique opportunity to REBOOT your business and workplace as you shift and transform out of crisis mode.

Discover how you can embed the positive changes you’ve experienced in your work moving forward.

Learn how leaders keep their teams connected and productive when remote (or adapted) work is indefinite.

Build a culture of innovation within your organization to thrive through continuous change and uncertainty.

As a human performance consultant, I’ll take you through the 3-part REBOOT program as outlined below.

Part 1: Moving From Crisis to Recovery

This one-hour prerequisite virtual training session for leaders introduces critical concepts in the REBOOT program and builds an understanding of your role in leading the recovery process.

Part 2: Three Actionable Conversations with Nurdan

Based on the information gathered in the leader training session, you’ll guide one conversation with your team each month for three months.

Conversation 1: Reimagining Work

  • Discuss reflections on your team member’s work experiences over the past months.
  • Identify what will be essential to hold on to and what they should let go of as they move into the next phase of business activity.
  • Consider how a crisis can shape thinking and enable them to see new possibilities.

Conversation 2: Connection for Business Continuity

  • Discuss how business continuity will rely on the way you and your team connect.
  • How to work effectively together through the transition to recovery and under threat of an economic downturn.
  • Explore how your team will REBOOT to achieve emerging business goals.
  • Define three critical areas to ensure business continuity.
  • Identify what’s needed for people to feel empowered to take the right action for the business.

Conversation 3: Thriving in Uncertainty

  • Understand why each team member needs to build new skills for managing uncertainty.
  • Explore three pivotal skills for working and thinking more flexibly.
  • Discuss challenges and learn where to apply these new skills with an opportunity to practice on the job

Part 3: Behavioural Change Tracking & Reporting

Following each conversation, the team will practice building one new habit over 30 days. Over the three conversation period, this exercise will bridge the gap between learning new skills and establishing lasting habits.

When your team embraces new habits, you’ll begin to see the change in their performance and your real return on investment. This data creates a window into how new behaviours are becoming embedded in your organization, and insight into how your teams are moving from crisis to recovery.

You’ll have access to real-time reporting on:

  • How various teams within the organization are transitioning from crisis to recovery.
  • Which leaders are actively involved in facilitating the REBOOT process.
  • Concerns or roadblocks that have emerged within the organization.


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