A 12-Week Virtual Program for Leaders and Their Teams to Navigate the Change

Shift verb: to slightly change in position, direction, or tendency.

Successful remote team management is critical in troubling and uncertain times. With many organizations forced to work remotely, often for the first time, you must work through obstacles and look for opportunities with your team to build processes that keep everyone engaged and productive.

How will teams get critical work done when “business as usual” is disrupted?

How do you generate effective virtual team building and bonding?

How do you ensure business is moving forward?

As a human performance consultant, I’ll take you through the 3-part SHIFT program as outlined below.

Part 1: Transitioning to Remote Work

This one-hour prerequisite virtual training session for leaders introduces critical concepts in the SHIFT program and builds an understanding of your role in leading the transition process.

Part 2: Three Actionable Conversations with Nurdan

Based on the information gathered in the leader training session, you’ll guide one conversation with your team each month for three months.

Conversation 1: Transitioning Yourself to Remote Work

  • Identify tactics for a smooth transition to work remotely.
  • Consider ways to adapt to change and remote work challenges.
  • Gain insight into how team members can stay connected and be effective while working remotely.

Conversation 2: Staying Connected

  • Understand the mental and emotional needs of teams working remotely, and why it matters.
  • Learn how to support each other to stay connected and committed while working remotely.
  • Explore ideas for change to increase the sense of connection within your team.

Conversation 3: Building Resilience

  • Learn how to use gratitude to shift perspective during challenging times.
  • Understand why a growth mindset is critical for resilience.
  • Share tactics and ideas for increased resilience daily.

Part 3: Behavioural Change Tracking & Reporting

Following each conversation, the team will practice building one new habit over 30 days. Over the three conversation period, this exercise will bridge the gap between learning new skills and establishing lasting habits.

When your team embraces new habits, you’ll begin to see the change in their performance and your real return on investment. This data creates a window into how new behaviours are becoming embedded in your organization, and insight into how your teams are transitioning to remote work.

You’ll have access to real-time reporting on:

  • How various teams within the organization are transitioning to remote work.
  • Which leaders are actively involved in facilitating the SHIFT process.
  • Concerns or roadblocks that have emerged within the organization.

transition to remote work

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