A Free Virtual Training for Leaders to Ensure Their Teams Navigate the Change Together

Teams who used to work together inside an office or plant are learning to work together remotely – most for the first time. As a human performance consultant, I understand how this transition is cause for a lot of confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty.

  • How do team members stay connected and feel connected?
  • How do managers “manage” remote workers?
  • How does the senior leadership team keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening?

Join me in for this one-hour interactive training to introduce the crucial concepts that will allow you to explore your role as a leader when guiding your team.

During this virtual interactive training, you’ll discover:

The mindset shifts essential for success in managing a remote team.

An understanding of the “Seven Cs” – the anchors to exceptional remote work.

The crucial model required to address team member anxiety and concern during periods of uncertainty.

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Nurdan Tokoz has developed a reputation for shining a light on individuals within high-performance teams and helping them grow in their careers as they exceed performance expectations.

As a Human Performance Consultant, with degrees in both industrial engineering and adult education, Nurdan excels at finding sustainable solutions with a systematic and holistic approach to improving human performance.

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