Our Human Performance Improvement Services

By shining a light on human performance within your organization we help you determine the root cause of consistent poor performance that may inhibit your organization’s ability to achieve its business goals.

We partner with you to assess human performance needs, develop effective solutions, and ultimately implement recommended solutions to create impactful and sustainable human performance improvements that will positively affect your organization’s results.

Assess Human Performance Needs

There can be a multitude of performance barriers that impact human performance inside of an organization. Some of the barriers can include the overall working environment or employee knowledge, skills or motivation.

The questions we strive to answer during this step of the process include: What are the business goals? What performance requirements are needed to create outcomes that will meet the business goals? And what performance gaps need to be addressed?

Your employees must be able to perform their job to a required standard. If relevant performance indicators suggest this is not the case then it is imperative for you to understand why.

Identifying the root cause of human performance issues within your organization is the first step required to fundamentally re-align the performance outcomes with your business goals.

Develop Effective Performance Solutions

By completing a comprehensive performance analysis we identify the factors affecting employee performance. We help you to develop solutions designed to address the underlying causes of these performance gaps.

Solutions for improving human performance may include better alignment between performance outcomes and training or non-training related solutions and actions.

During this step of the process we partner with you to look at results of performance needs analysis. We search for answers to questions such as: What are the areas where the problems are most critical? Which performance activities or competencies need development? What training and development activities are necessary to enhance the required performance activities?

Often the required solutions to improve human performance involve the improvement of internal processes, operation systems/software, policies & procedures, communication processes, and motivational systems. In other cases it is necessary to develop relevant employee-focused training strategies.

We will work with you to develop the most impactful and sustainable solutions for your organization (training-related or otherwise) based on your unique challenges and opportunities.

Implement Solutions

Our mandate is to enable the improvement of human performance within your organization. This improvement needs to be measurable based on key indicators like: performance effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

Once we have determined the underlying causes for underperforming employees and created the most appropriate solutions to address these human performance issues, we will work with you to implement the solutions we established together.

Implementation of the solutions may include the re-alignment of systems and processes to better meet employee needs, launching new training systems and programs necessary to improve employee knowledge and skills, creating successful communication plans or even developing and implementing a system to manage human performance in the organization.

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