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In our ever-changing, uncertain world, many leaders feel like a hamster stuck in a wheel when it comes to solving their performance issues. They need a mind shift, but they’re not sure how to start.

Whether Nurdan’s delivering a virtual keynote or leading a face-to-face program, she encourages leaders to embrace reinvention. Audience members feel heard as she shares her unique expertise that demonstrates a new angle on human performance. They leave inspired to take the next steps to sharpen their competitive edge and define relevance in their market.

Nurdan presents both on the stage and in the boardroom, in-person or online.

Nurdan’s Speaking Bio

Nurdan’s Speaking Bio

Nurdan is a human performance and behaviour change expert. She has degrees in Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.) and Adult Education (B.Ed.). For over twenty years, she worked as a Learning & Development (L&D) professional in a number of large corporations.

Throughout her career, Nurdan has developed programs and systems to solve human performance challenges within organizations. Her proven methodology, cognitive learning practices, and innovative habit-building tools enable leaders and teams to impact their day-to-day business results.

Nurdan’s ultimate goal is to help leaders and teams build new habits to achieve desired performance outcomes, boosting their productivity and profitability. She is fascinated by the science of how our brains learn and the art of transforming information into action.

To relax, Nurdan plays the bongo, listens to Latin music, and goes on long walks with her husband. She loves to gather her family around a feast of delightful Mediterranean cuisine.

The Leadership Paradigm Shift

How fulfilled leaders achieve the highest results

Fulfilled leaders build fulfilled teams. Period. All it takes is developing critical habits.

As a leader, you are the captain of your ship, working arm in arm with your team as you steer your organization into the future. To do this successfully, you need to think clearly, regulate your emotions, and act with purpose.

At the same time, you need to consider how each member of your team feels – mentally, physically, and emotionally. By understanding their needs, you tap into a secret many organizations don’t consider: a fulfilling work environment is THE crucial foundation for all high-performing teams.

Presentation takeaways:

  • Develop a heart-centred connection between you and your team
  • Make sound decisions even when high or low emotions are involved
  • Build new habits that give purpose to your actions
  • Establish a safe and engaging work environment that attracts the best talent
  • Ignite your team to achieve outstanding results through the Fulfilled Leader ModelTM

This presentation is for courageous leaders who care about building authentic relationships with their team. They’re visionaries. They focus on the bigger picture, build trust by valuing their people, and produce high-performing results.

Are you ready to lead your team to a fulfilled future?

Adopt, Adapt, Accelerate

How new habits will create sustainable results

To change or not to change?

As a leader, you’re investing time, money, and resources to improve your team’s performance. But you’re haunted by the fear that you won’t be able to sustain these improvements.

You strive for change when you realize something’s not quite right with your team’s performance. You may need to redesign your processes, reshape your strategies, or even shift your culture. However, these efforts are bound to fail if your organization doesn’t motivate and engage your people in this quest.

Your organization will accelerate performance when your team members adopt and adapt to change. As you support your teams to build new habits, you create an environment for sustainable results that will drive the long-term success of your organization.

Presentation takeaways:

  • Assess how your people handle change
  • Discover the importance of sharing the “why, what, and how” behind change
  • Empower your team to build new habits by following the A3 methodology
  • Achieve lasting impact by measuring behaviour change and performance outcomes
  • Embrace reinvention to define relevance in your ever-evolving market

This presentation is for courageous leaders – pioneers who champion change and guide their teams with confidence and care.

Are you ready to say YES to sustainable results?

Industry 4.0 + The Human Factor = Industry 5.0

How to transform your organization’s future through human-centred hyper-automation

You want to be a pioneer in today’s high-tech and ever-evolving manufacturing environment. But you’ve learned that technology alone doesn’t get you there. What is the missing piece?

For years, manufacturing industries have invested heavily in new technologies, transforming the human assembly line into automated production. With Industry 4.0, which equipped computers to share information and make intelligent decisions, factories have become more efficient and productive while being less wasteful.

But where did all the humans go?

Do we even need them in our factories anymore?

That’s where Industry 5.0 comes in. It is not a revolution, but an evolution of Industry 4.0, focusing on the collaboration between your people and machines. It transforms your environment into one that is sustainable, human-centric, and resilient.

When you embrace human performance alongside technology, you can reorganize your processes and adapt quickly to new market conditions.

Presentation takeaways:

  • Identify the complementary features of Industry 4.0 and 5.0
  • Re-evaluate your organization’s collaboration between people and machines
  • Discover the 8 key skills that will empower and inspire your people to perform at a higher level
  • Create an action plan that supports the development of these key behaviours
  • Lead by example and achieve outstanding results

This presentation is for courageous leaders who value collaboration between people and machines. They’re curious to discover how the human factor can enhance technological advancements and transform their organization’s future.

Are you ready to create an environment where people and automation operate in harmony and increase performance?

Companies we’ve partnered with

Nurdan generously mentored a group of professional speakers on designing and delivering online training programs. The program was excellently designed and was delivered in a way to effectively showcase the information being taught. I would highly recommend Nurdan's programs on online learning as it was informative, effective, and absolutely beneficial to designing my own in-person and virtual online training.
Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP, Work Smart Live Smart,
Workplace Wellness Expert, Professional Speaker
Nurdan presents solid, well-researched techniques to engage audiences and change behaviors to enhance performance. Her impressive academic credentials are matched by her interpersonal skills. If you have the opportunity to work with Nurdan, grab it. She'll help you get the results you want.
Marion Grobb Finkelstein, Workplace Communication Consulting and Training
Mrs. Tokoz has been my mentor and has helped me to organize my ideas, my professional future, and most importantly she has supported me to manage my emotions: She knows how to read people. I am grateful for her time and kindness to support my professional growth.
Nidia Rebello, Soto Master in Sciences, Western Illinois University
Nurdan was a delight to work with recently on one of our client's projects. She acted as both the Instructional Designer and Project Manager. I really appreciated that she managed all aspects of the project, liaised professionally and frequently with the client liaison, and met the timelines as outlined at the beginning. I particularly appreciated that she was ‘low maintenance’ from my perspective. She was hired to do a job and just got on with it. Our client was thrilled with her work and I loved working with Nurdan and will do so again any time!
Janet Stewart, We Love Learning – Founder & CEO
The knowledge and hands-on experience gained through this training surely surpassed our expectations. We hold no reservations in recommending Nurdan Tokoz and her program to colleagues. Nurdan always worked with structure and kept our team engaged and interactive during her sessions. She was readily available when additional support was needed and always went above and beyond to offer her services and advice. Her approach can only be described as one of passion and genuine intent to deliver and teach. We must make special mention of the Habit Builder which truly kept us on track and refocused our energies on the program and our set objectives. This was truly an invaluable experience that our team will carry forth in the long run. Kudos to you Nurdan!
Aleema Ogeer-Ali, Chief Operating Officer,
Melissa Cobham, Head of Business Development
I am the organizer of the Entrepreneurs International Network (“EIN”). Ms. Nurdan Tokoz spoke authentically, eloquently and enthusiastically to EIN’s members. The title of her presentation was “Reach your full potential by building good habits.” Nurdan totally engaged the audience with her stories and examples and the depth and breadth of her knowledge around all things related to passion and purpose. She opened many eyes to the awesome potential of good habits to amplify our personal and professional lives. EIN’s members simply loved her. You will too.
Roger Killen, Producer at Get Inspired Talks

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