3 Critical Questions You Must Ask To Ensure Your Training Program Improves Human Performance

Leadership training. Team training. Skills training. Organizations are always looking to upgrade, adapt, and excel. But how many training binders do you need sitting on the shelf gathering dust? You know, the ones that showed great potential at the time, but have not resulted in any significant change. If you’re like most companies, the shelves are sagging under the weight.

There are excellent training programs that your employees can benefit from; however, you must first identify the underlying problem.  When I say “identify,” I’m not talking about the tip of the iceberg; I’m referring to the bulk hidden underwater – the real issue.

It’s frustrating to see organizations invest in comprehensive and expensive training programs without being aware of the root cause or real problem. Are you aware of what’s going on “under the water” within your walls?

Imagine, for a moment, that you have a stomachache. You may stay home for a day or two, try various remedies, but when the problem worsens, you realize it’s time to seek help from a professional to understand the cause.

So, you go to your doctor. Your doctor would not immediately prescribe the treatment without understanding your problem but would ask specific questions to determine the cause of your condition. And then, you may be subjected to various tests to ensure you receive the proper treatment.

This should be the same approach when it comes to human performance issues.

Let’s say, for example, you cannot obtain the required performance outcomes when you look at the performance of your leadership team.

  • What do you exactly want them to do?
  • What is the performance outcome you want to see?
  • Why are they not doing what they are supposed to be doing?

Is a leadership training program the right prescription, or is there a part hidden underwater that you cannot see or avoid seeing?

The first critical question you must ask is: “Are you aware of the underlying cause of poor performance, and what is the right prescription?”

If training is part of the solution to the performance issue, as part of the prescription, you must ensure that the whole learning experience (not only the content) will make an impact in developing the desired behaviours. Organizations first need to determine their business goals and the desired behaviours to help them achieve those goals.

The second critical question you must ask is: “What are the desired behaviours required to achieve your organizational goals?”

The environment has changed as teams work remotely during this global pandemic. We need to change the way we do things. Organizations across North America are spending tens of billions of dollars on training programs annually. They know “something” has to change, so they look at training programs filled with extensive content that cannot be absorbed in such a short period. There is no tangible way for employees to tie the information to their work and develop the desired behaviour.

Providing only content shouldn’t be the purpose of a learning experience – it will not improve performance. The learning experience should aim at helping people link the information to their work, apply what they’ve learned consistently so they can develop the desired behaviour that will improve their performance. As Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps say, “training ain’t performance,” and behaviours cannot be developed overnight.

If the whole learning experience does not include these components, and allow time to develop, practise new behaviours, then the information will stay in the binders and continue sagging the shelves. You cannot expect much performance improvement as a result.

The third critical question you must ask is: “Is the learning experience supporting the desired behaviour development to achieve your organizational goals?

As an organization, when you plan to invest in training programs, you need to make sure that the whole learning experience aligns with the answers to these three questions and contribute to behavioural change. Then your investment as an organization in terms of time, money, and resources will be allocated effectively.

Nurdan generously mentored a group of professional speakers on designing and delivering online training programs. The program was excellently designed and was delivered in a way to effectively showcase the information being taught. I would highly recommend Nurdan's programs on online learning as it was informative, effective, and absolutely beneficial to designing my own in-person and virtual online training.
Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP, Work Smart Live Smart,
Workplace Wellness Expert, Professional Speaker
Nurdan presents solid, well-researched techniques to engage audiences and change behaviors to enhance performance. Her impressive academic credentials are matched by her interpersonal skills. If you have the opportunity to work with Nurdan, grab it. She'll help you get the results you want.
Marion Grobb Finkelstein, Workplace Communication Consulting and Training
Mrs. Tokoz has been my mentor and has helped me to organize my ideas, my professional future, and most importantly she has supported me to manage my emotions: She knows how to read people. I am grateful for her time and kindness to support my professional growth.
Nidia Rebello, Soto Master in Sciences, Western Illinois University
Nurdan was a delight to work with recently on one of our client's projects. She acted as both the Instructional Designer and Project Manager. I really appreciated that she managed all aspects of the project, liaised professionally and frequently with the client liaison, and met the timelines as outlined at the beginning. I particularly appreciated that she was ‘low maintenance’ from my perspective. She was hired to do a job and just got on with it. Our client was thrilled with her work and I loved working with Nurdan and will do so again any time!
Janet Stewart, We Love Learning – Founder & CEO
The knowledge and hands-on experience gained through this training surely surpassed our expectations. We hold no reservations in recommending Nurdan Tokoz and her program to colleagues. Nurdan always worked with structure and kept our team engaged and interactive during her sessions. She was readily available when additional support was needed and always went above and beyond to offer her services and advice. Her approach can only be described as one of passion and genuine intent to deliver and teach. We must make special mention of the Habit Builder which truly kept us on track and refocused our energies on the program and our set objectives. This was truly an invaluable experience that our team will carry forth in the long run. Kudos to you Nurdan!
Aleema Ogeer-Ali, Chief Operating Officer,
Melissa Cobham, Head of Business Development
I am the organizer of the Entrepreneurs International Network (“EIN”). Ms. Nurdan Tokoz spoke authentically, eloquently and enthusiastically to EIN’s members. The title of her presentation was “Reach your full potential by building good habits.” Nurdan totally engaged the audience with her stories and examples and the depth and breadth of her knowledge around all things related to passion and purpose. She opened many eyes to the awesome potential of good habits to amplify our personal and professional lives. EIN’s members simply loved her. You will too.
Roger Killen, Producer at Get Inspired Talks

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